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💬life_log 20200805🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day 28 Choose a company with growth mindest

💬life_log 20200720🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day 27 How to write a simple CI/CD file?
[UPDATE] Bucket List

💬life_log 20200716🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day 26 How to use GitLab Web IDE?

💬life_log 20200715🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day 25 How to use GitLab as a project management tool?

💬life_log 20200711🧘📚💡
Podcast Ep8.  Launched on Anchor & Spotify
Topic : How to overcome your Imposter Syndrome after COVID-19

💬life_log 20200710📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day 24 Dilemma of a marketer in the tech

💬life_log 20200709📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day 23 3 Steps to learn project management in GitLab 

💬life_log 20200705📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day 22 GitLab Enterprise Edition Highlight

💬life_log 20200701📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day 21 2020 Open Source’s rapid growth — how do we do development? How do we understand software engineers?

💬life_log 20200628📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day 20 A pancake story from Billions

💬life_log 20200627🧘📚💡
Podcast Ep7.  Launched on Anchor & Spotify
Topic : Untyped – Yes, I am a female software engineer

💬life_log 20200614🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day19 Review – Normal People & Love Life
☄️ I am in an R hell(RRRRRRR)… but still… wrote a blog post.[FINALLY] ☄️

💬life_log 20200604🧘📚💡
Setting up GitLab Taipei Meetup & GitLab Taipei User Group  – Now also focus more on Southeast Asia Meetups engagement plan.

💬life_log 20200528🧘📚💡
Podcast Ep6.  Launched on Anchor & Spotify
Topic : How to stop caring when others judge you

💬life_log 20200520🧘📚💡
Podcast Ep5.  Launched on Anchor & Spotify
Topic : Slash

💬life_log 20200514🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day18 How to stop letting others tell you- “You are just not good enough"?

💬life_log 20200510🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day17 Our Kids — The American Dream in Crisis

💬life_log 20200505🧘📚
To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

💬life_log 20200430🧘📚
Time flies… On board for almost 1.5 months. I am Grateful every single day.

💬life_log 20200427🧘📚
It was hard for me to make this decision – Give up on React practice everyday temporarily and focus on DevOps.

💬life_log 20200423🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day16 Undercover Billionaire

💬life_log 20200420🧘📚💡
YouTube Ep.2 What coronavirus means for the global economy?

💬life_log 20200418🧘📚💡
Podcast Ep.4 launched on Anchor & Spotify
Topic:How to Interview an All Remote Company?

💬life_log 20200410🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day15 How to use Git & GitLab?

💬life_log 20200407🧘📚💡 
[#365 blog plan] day14 How to write a TODO list via React

💬life_log 20200406🧘
Deliveroo will leave Taiwan on this Fri…Saddddddddddd

💬life_log 20200405🧘📚💡 
[#365 blog plan] day13 – How a product-led growth company led 100 million ARR?

💬life_log 20200402🧘📚💡
YouTube Ep.1 How to invest in 2020 Financial Crisis?

💬life_log 20200326🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day12 – How to write React in Webpack developer server?
💫 Courage is not an absence of fear. Courage is fear walking.💫

💬life_log 20200325🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day11 – After React… You need know about “Webpack"

💬life_log 20200323🧘📚💡
Ya! My podcast Ep.3 launched on Anchor & Spotify
Topic: How to transition from Engineering to A Product Manager

💬life_log 20200322🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day10 – How to find a “right" relationship via AARRR

💬life_log 20200320 🧘📚💡 
[#365 blog plan] day9 – Work at GitLab(First Week Diary)

💬life_log 20200319 🧘📚💡 
[#365 blog plan] day8 – How Components communicate in React?

💬life_log 20200318🧘📚💡
My podcast Ep.2 finally launched on Anchor & Spotify
Topic: Important things to discuss before marriage

💬life_log 20200317🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day7 – Render Array in React & find the DOM you Need

💬life_log 20200316🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day6 – Conditional Rendering & Life Cycle of React

💬life_log 20200315🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day5 – Handler Event in React

💬life_log 20200314🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day4 – React Props and State

💬life_log 20200312🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day3 – React Component

💬life_log 20200311🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day2 – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

💬life_log 20200310🧘📚💡
[#365 blog plan] day1 – React Again
🥛🥛🥛Don’t be eye candy, be soul food🥛🥛🥛

💬life_log 20200214📚💡
Follow the flow of my life 🌊 🌊 🌊

💬life_log 20200212📚💡
Rick and Morty the best cartoon EVER!

💬life_log 20191221📚💡
Start Listening podcast of  Y combinator’s How to start a start-up from Sam Altman.

💬life_log 20191216📚💡
I am so grateful for my leader Gary gives me so much opportunity to grow in this position. 6 months ago, I was just a girl who didn’t know how to use Git…

💬life_log 20191215📚💡

💬life_log 20191203📚💡
To fall in love with the process, not to grade the outcome. Keep eyes on my own paper.

💬life_log 20191127📚💡
I’ll host a meetup – Productivity Hacks to Work Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger on this weekend. Always thanks for being in this industry and meet so many talented women in tech.

💬life_log 20191123📚💡
Weekends for Jest Unit test practice! I don’t get how to write good Mocks:-(

💬life_log 20191122📚💡
TGIF FINALLY… stuck in a bug for 2 days, and I am sick for 5 days…

💬life_log 20191117📚💡
My eyes felt dizzy and blur everyday since last year, and I thought I was sick. My eyesight has been getting worse. Today I finally squeeze time to get a new pair of eyeglasses.  I found I am nearsighted with 3.5 diopters! I bought 2.5 diopters contact lens for a whole year…

💬life_log 20191116📚💡
“Purpose-driven learning is always going to be more effective."

Just finished online dev AMA Ep.3 in developer community I lead. New chapter of my life. Trying to be a dev community lead.

💬life_log 20191115📚💡
Watched The Beauty of Being a Misfit Ted talks and I am really inspired. Being at the software engineer position for me is like reaching up into the night sky and touching the moon while the stars stitched my name across the cosmos. I mean, that’s how big a deal it is to me. Thanks GOD I love my job even I’m struggling everyday.

💬life_log 20191114📚💡
I am so glad to find a dental whitening clinic near my office. I am planing to rescue my yellow teeth now. Oh I drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day and now even addicted to putting MILK in it. (It’s strange that people always said if a company often fill milk in their public refrigerator for free, it means this company is rich.)

💬life_log 20191113📚💡
Learn new words : Akrasia Akrasia is the state of acting against your better judgment. It is when you do one thing even though you know you should do something else. Loosely translated, you could say that akrasia is procrastination or a lack of self-control.

💬life_log 20191112📚💡
Probably the most meaningful life hack tips: Only do [THING YOU LOVE] while doing [THING YOU PROCRASTINATE ON]. That’s why I addicted to changelog podcast when I stuck in the code.

💬life_log 20191111📚💡
Make productivity as a routine and not just focus on the short-term path. Think big but still remember not to kill the goose lays the golden eggs.

💬life_log 20191110📚💡
Start my React offline course this month and finally re-start my advanced JavaScript online course. Hope to go through the probation (will be on Dec.16) and finish my first front-end project in this company. Then I could re-start my TRX class. ya<3